Is A Church Wedding Important?

When church services are over, it is common for adults to spend time socializing before heading home. Children are often allowed to run loose while their parents chat with one another. It is quite common for two children to meet at the local church. Over the years, they may come to know each other very well. This is especially true of children that are a few years apart in age.

The two children may attend the same school, but socializing at school is very different from church. School children tend to socialize only with those in their own grade. There are no grades at church, only those that attend services at the same time. Many families have a Sunday routine that includes attending the same church service every week. This allows children an opportunity to socialize with people they normally would not meet. They may eventually form a relationship that will last into adulthood.

Many children leave home for advanced schooling or careers once they are grown. They leave behind friends and family as well as their church. Some of them may meet again in faraway places. If two meet and decide to wed, it is normal for them to come home to marry in their local childhood church. A wedding there would have special significance for both of them.

Church weddings are important for many people. It reinforces their faith and provides a solid reality to the fairy tale wedding they are experiencing. Many find they feel their faith more profoundly when their wedding is held in their local church instead of a modern venue. They feel the community they grew up with surrounding and supporting them as they take their vows. It lends weight to their feelings of love and union as they pledge to build a life together.