The Value of a Church Education

As a member of any congregation, there is a feeling of community when people get together at the church. This extends from the youngest members, and it is part of the attraction for those who have seen many years. People who have attended the same church their entire lives have come to know each other, and it is through the church that they maintain their connection. It begins when they start going to Sunday school, and it can continue as they take religious classes when they become adults.

Children in religious classes are often dropped off by their parents, and it takes time for all of them to be picked up. This gives them time to socialize away from their family, and they form bonds with other children. It is through this socializing that church becomes a place where they see friends on a regular basis, and they find it much more pleasant to attend services.

When younger members begin to grow into adults, they see the church as a safe place to socialize with their friends. Parents are eager for their children to go to church activities, and the social aspect is often very controlled. Teenagers who attend any type of educational functions the church provides have a measure of freedom to be social with their peers from other areas of the town or city. It broadens their social horizons, and there is no need for their parents to hover.

Adults in many churches have come to realize they want more education about their faith, and they have found classes are a good way to learn as they connect with others in their age group. Some classes are restricted to only men or women, and others are solely for couples. Dividing parishioners into groups this way gives them a perfect opportunity to socialize with members who share common lifestyles.